Monday, September 14, 2009

when life throws lemons

Eating Prague's sweet bread (bought by a friend), hours after being robbed

I had possibly the worst morning today. Sickness, 3-hour classes, no money or cards -- and then my only spare debit card was eaten up by an ATM machine. I spent the rest of the afternoon suppressing tears and emailing bank representatives.

But when life throws lemons, what else can you do but make lots of lemonade? If I continue tormenting myself about my terrible luck, I'd drive myself crazy! I can't keep examining these damn lemons, that's for sure. Sometimes, the hardest thing to deal with in every bad situation is my own psyche, replaying scenarios over and over, exaggerating the consequences, dreaming about the "what if I held my bag just a little closer???". Excuse my language, but it's all just a total mind-fuck.

So I can't change the past, but I can stop myself from creating a future full of past regrets. That's no way to live, continuously choosing sour moments over the sweet. I'm thankful to have bounced right back to being the happy person I will always be, because I love my "lemonade": my wonderful, generous, supportive friends (old and new), my family, and the places that I've visited and will visit.

I will never, ever let myself be the guest of honor at my own pity party. Which is why, yesterday, mere hours after being robbed, I ate the largest piece of sweet bread I could get my hands on and continued exploring Prague with all my "lemonade" in tow. It was a great day. Bring on those lemons!


  1. Helen Zuo is unstoppable! Way to go.

  2. You're just getting all the bad out in the beginning!

  3. it's good you didn't have your passport in your bag too. I've had friends lose their cell phone and passport.... that's the most stressful.

    hope you're doing well!

  4. That's the right go girl!!