Sunday, January 3, 2010

Best of Prague, Part 2: Food & Drink!

With the Czech Republic's currency still on the krona (or crown), it is so cheap and sweet to eat out in Prague! 17 crowns to 1 US dollar was a great exchange rate for this poor student. Eating in Prague was such a huge pleasure and indulgence because, yes, beer is cheaper than water and also comfort food (pork stew, dumplings, hearty soups) happen to be everyday food.

FOOD you need to eat!
  • Goulash & Bread/Potato Dumplings. This is a traditional Czech dish, and is very savory, heavy, and delicious!
  • Smažený sýr or fried cheese. Don't forget the tartar sauce! I loved munching on a fried cheese sandwich from a street vendor after a night out ... tastes so good!
  • Fruit dumplings. This is a dessert you'll either love or hate.
  • Czech pancakes. Which are basically American crepes. Actually, maybe even better than American crepes!

Some very, very special DRINKS:
  • Pilsner Urquel -- the Czechs' favorite beer, brewed in Plzen, Czech Republic
  • Staropramen -- my favorite Czech beer, so light and tasty
  • A Radler -- a mix of beer and lemonade/sprite. I always order this. Always.
  • Becherovka -- A cinnamon-tasting liquor only manufactured in the Czech Republic, barely exported in the US. This one you'll either love or hate as well.

Knockout Restaurants/Cafes I'd recommend:

For Brunch/Lunch:
  • Cafe Zanzibar -- This was my favorite brunch place, with affordable prices and huge, delicious portions. I went here almost every week! I loved their avocado & chicken salad, grilled feta cheese & toast, and all of their egg combinations
  • Radoste -- Club/bar at night, amazing vegetarian brunch cafe on weekends. You must try their waffles and wraps
  • Bohemia Bagel -- the Westerner's hangout with Western-style food; comforting if you're in Prague for long and want a taste of home. Dig into their American cheesecakes, homemade soups, and yummy burgers
  • Au Groumand -- Cute cafe with lots of decadent desserts and gelato

  • Cafe Cafe -- Known more for its incredible Meatpacking District vibe (think fashion and glamour), skip the entree here but get lots of desserts, like chocolate cake. Mmm.
  • Country Life -- This one's for you vegans out there! Both a restaurant and a store, this place is the ultimate vegan buffet in Prague
For Dinner:
  • Las Adelitas -- Best Mexican food in Prague, hands down. Best service too (which is hard to find in Prague, unfortunately). Order anything, you can't go wrong. I recommend their mojitos and passion fruit margaritas too. They were so unbelievably tasty.
  • Prague Lokal -- Only 2 months old, this restaurant offers the best traditional Czech food you could ever find. (And I've eaten a lot to compare!) One of my Czech professors told me about it (and he lives in Prague), and he even said it was the best Czech food he'd ever tasted!
  • Pivovarsky Dum -- A tourist favorite. This place is named after beer ("pivo") because it has an incredibly large flavored beer selection (my favorite was banana) and some of its courses are even made with beer as an ingredient! Neato.

Me at Las Adelitas for Mexican Monday (my long-time tradition)!

There are plenty other restaurants in Old Town Square to choose from, but these ones happened to stick to me -- I had such great memories wining and dining in each! Please let me know if you have any specific questions about anything. Feel free to email or voice your question in a comment below!

Keep a look out! More "BEST of Prague" yet to come...

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black and white cookie

Opposites attract in Budapest. Oh, the fun times we had. I miss Budapest.