Sunday, September 20, 2009

all for some pilsner

Today, some friends and I woke early and took a bus to Plzeň to visit the Pilsner beer factory. I actually have no great passion for beer, and Pilsner is my least favorite (because it's so strong and bitter!) -- but we're all here to try new things, right? I've never been to a beer factory before, so at least I can check that off my list. :)

A Pilsner motorcycle?

Drinking fresh Pilsner in the cellar

Bottles lining the restaurant where we ate

Super tall Kaitlin and super short (sans heels) me :(

After lunch, we had a tiny siesta on a bench (we were so sleep-deprived); the view up

The Pilsner tour was fantastic and very museum-y. We watched videos, touched the ingredients, walked through the packaging plant, brewing building, and fermentation cellar, and had fresh beer! (I couldn't finish my cup though. It was still early! I know...weak.)

But I have to admit, the trip was pretty aggravating. We missed our first bus over to Plzeň, had to purchase new (and more expensive!) tickets for the next bus because the bus company was sketchy and inhospitable, and were blatantly ogled at in the 90% male-occupied restaurant at the factory (although the food was delicious!). After our tour, we slept through the entire hour on the bus back and returned to our dorm in a total daze. Traveling can be exhausting sometimes!

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