Monday, September 7, 2009

the last few days

Yesterday, I went on a boat cruise down the Vltava river...

The night before, I had the privilege of seeing the Czech Philharmonic in the very first row! It was such an incredible experience, I'm such a music nerd and totally shouted "Bravo!" embarrassingly loudly. :D

I also visited VyŇ°ehrad, a part of Prague with a ton of history. We saw the castle and the cemetery where the most famous Czechs rest. Each grave has its own personality. Everything was gorgeous.

And then I went dancing til 4AM in a pair of (now scuffy) heels...

But I have been feeling a bit homesick. There's a lot to explore here in Prague, but I miss my lovely friends and family and doing the most banal, comforting things, like sipping tea and having long talks. I'm desperate to just veg out and watch a movie with my best friends (who are all over the world now!) instead of going out all the time. Besides Kaitlin, I don't feel like I can count on anyone just yet. Tonight I curled up with the newest Jhumpa Lahiri book because I needed a mental break... I think I might actually an introvert with extroverted tendencies. Am I completely insane?


  1. no you're not insane, I feel the same way...transitioning from a really quiet summer with a lot of alone time/just spending time with one or two people to this = OVERWHELMING. I love spending time in my room or in a park just reading by myself here :)

  2. Aw darling, don't even worry! I too feel homesick a bit but we'll have a great time...and Skype/gchat sessions will help! LOVE YOU.

  3. And wow the Czech Philharmonic sounds amazing and the boat cruise and all of it! :)

  4. I think it's totally normal to feel homesick and want to do normal things that you would back at home. Continue to have fun but take it easy as well...don't burn yourself out!

    PS: Looks like you're having the most amazing jealous!

  5. dont worrie! i would have shout bravo to!, and those heels are gorgeous, love vintage.