Friday, September 4, 2009

it's a small world

Prague trams > NYC buses!

Some things New York City and Prague have in common:
  1. Amazing tasting tap water (truly!). Who woulda thunk for Prague?
  2. Dogs everywhere: big gangly dogs, small fluffy dogs, leashed or trodding freely alongside their owners.
  3. A fantastic variety of international food. I had yummy Chinese and Italian here, and there are Indian, Thai, Japanese, and other exotic restaurants in every nook and corner.
  4. Lots and lots of tourists. Since I only know very, very basic Czech, this makes me feel a bit better about being a tourist myself! But I've learned lots already in this busy first week! (Counting in Czech to the thousands, navigating the city, grocery shopping, ordering a drink...)


  1. Ah it's awesome that there are still so many different restaurants around...makes us still feel a bit like we're in NYC! :) Btw, love the Friends abroad section, so cute you are!

  2. apparently Machova fixed their taps in the past year; it came out white when I lived there!