Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm here!

I've been in Prague for less than 48 hours, and I have: eaten goulash, dumplings, duck liver, and other native foods, walked around Old Town by day, consumed ridiculously cheap and strong beer (and some rum, since I was feeling bold) at three bars, and learned two very important words (děkuji for thanks and prosím for please). I am exhausted, but here are some pictures!

pretty clouds and a first glimpse of the Czech Republic! (lots of land, few people)

an NYU building (in blue on the left), right above a bar! And some gorgeous architectural details that are prevalent in Prague -- I have yet to see an ugly building...

the beautiful view from my dorm's terrace

we drank lots of beer, which was a challenge for me... and admired beautiful architecture

in the heart of Old Town Square...

a friend checking out an eclectic "Bohemia Bagel"

"Tuzemsky" was the spiced rum I had last night (and it was yum!), and we explored Praha 1 today, the main part of Old Town. I live close by, in the Praha 2 region. On the right, I found a cute tea place! I love tea.

More to come later! Need to crash, it's past midnight and I was out all night last night!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1 more day!

My sweet friend Mishy gave me a Moleskin Prague to accompany my travels. I'm a notebook nerd, so I love this! On my last day tomorrow, I'm going to try really hard to be strict with myself and re-edit what I've packed. Again. I have one and a half suitcases full of clothes, shoes, and toiletries, and I have a feeling I should try to whittle it down to one suitcase, unless I want to look like Joey on the way back!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

some fun facts and activities

1. Prague is 6 hours ahead of New York time, not bad!

2. There will be approx. 160 people in my program, which includes NYU and non-NYU students.

3. My orientation week (Aug. 31 to Sept. 6) is going to be awesome. I'm taking some intense Czech classes and a billion tours, starting with a "Jewish Prague" tour, which means visiting the famous Jewish Cemetery:

via here

4. Then there's Old Town Square...

via here

5. The Prague Castle...

via here

6. And a Kafka tour, which I hope is not as depressing as The Metamorphosis. This is where he lived from 1916 to 1917:

via here

7. Boat cruising down the Vltava River:

via here

And then, for a special evening event, I get to choose one of the following:

MONDAY: Cirque Trottola, Letni Letna
WEDNESDAY: Rusalka, National Theatre OR Jazz Concert, Jazz Dock
THURSDAY: Ice-hockey match, Tesla Arena
FRIDAY : Carmen, National Theatre OR Turandot, State Opera OR La Putyka, La Fabrika
SATURDAY: Czech Philharmonic, Rudolfinum

I'm thinking either the Cirque or Carmen at the Opera. What's your opinion? I love them all! This is going to be tough.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

6 days!

I'm finding it harder and harder to sleep now that the countdown is less than one week! Lots of anxiousness and (barely) sleeping at 4am now. I've packed and repacked... and then remembered that I still have to wear clothes for the next few days... so unpacked again. Haha! I still have to buy a combination lock for my Northface backpack (doesn't hurt to be cautious!), but I can safely say I'm all done (redone, and undone) with preparations!

I'm bringing two medium sized luggage bags, and what's surprising is... I'm actually a light packer! I could fit all my things in even one suitcase, who would've thought? I guess it's one part ruthless wardrobe editing, one part practicality -- gotta make room for European purchases! -- and one part complete self-restraint. You see, I'm a nut about shoes, but I'm only bringing:

the booties

1 pair of: moccasins, flats, tennis shoes
2 pairs of: boots (flat Fryes and a wedge heel)
2 pairs of: heels (leopard pumps and vintage oxford booties)
(and flip-flops and slippers, but they don't count!)

Now if you think 7 pairs of shoes is a lot for only 3.5 months -- it's not! They're the bare essentials. But you know what? I'm very happy with this solid little number. Excess is just silly... what's the point of bringing those sexy 4-inch espadrilles I can't walk in and will only wear once or twice? (And, everything still fits in one suitcase, that is, if I wear my Fryes on the plane. Hmm.) Okay, I need to get some sleep! Can't wait to fill you in some more soon! And it won't be about shoes, I promise! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

two weeks

I'm sorry for this silly little countdown, but I just can't help it! These past few days have passed so slowly, which is unfair because I know my 3.5 months in Europe will fly by, just like this summer. Maybe growing older somehow makes life accelerate? The last I recalled, it was still May, and I just started my internship work! Three random things I'd loved to have slowed down:

1. exploring Philadephia

at the Walnut Theatre (America's oldest theatre, founded in 1809!)

2. enjoying Rita's lemon and mango water ice.

3. riding shotgun in a car post-beach, with the windows down and hair flying

Oh, I can't wait to share more lovely experiences with you! xoxo

Sunday, August 9, 2009

19 days until

...and I'm so ready!