Saturday, August 22, 2009

6 days!

I'm finding it harder and harder to sleep now that the countdown is less than one week! Lots of anxiousness and (barely) sleeping at 4am now. I've packed and repacked... and then remembered that I still have to wear clothes for the next few days... so unpacked again. Haha! I still have to buy a combination lock for my Northface backpack (doesn't hurt to be cautious!), but I can safely say I'm all done (redone, and undone) with preparations!

I'm bringing two medium sized luggage bags, and what's surprising is... I'm actually a light packer! I could fit all my things in even one suitcase, who would've thought? I guess it's one part ruthless wardrobe editing, one part practicality -- gotta make room for European purchases! -- and one part complete self-restraint. You see, I'm a nut about shoes, but I'm only bringing:

the booties

1 pair of: moccasins, flats, tennis shoes
2 pairs of: boots (flat Fryes and a wedge heel)
2 pairs of: heels (leopard pumps and vintage oxford booties)
(and flip-flops and slippers, but they don't count!)

Now if you think 7 pairs of shoes is a lot for only 3.5 months -- it's not! They're the bare essentials. But you know what? I'm very happy with this solid little number. Excess is just silly... what's the point of bringing those sexy 4-inch espadrilles I can't walk in and will only wear once or twice? (And, everything still fits in one suitcase, that is, if I wear my Fryes on the plane. Hmm.) Okay, I need to get some sleep! Can't wait to fill you in some more soon! And it won't be about shoes, I promise! :)


  1. I have a pair of vintage boots just like that, except all black, they're my favs. i agree, 7 pairs of shoes isn't a lot, i totally would do the same as you!

  2. I packed two large suitcases + a carry-on, but one was only about half full, mostly with toiletries. I know it sounds silly because you can buy toiletries there, but you will need the space with the stuff you buy, and since you use the toiletries up and they won't take up space on the way home, why not buy them here so you're set to go with the brands you like?

    Also, you should bring another pair of comfortable-but-nice (flat) shoes, to wear to class/bars etc, when you wanna be nicer than sneakers but aren't going anywhere fancy and don't wanna deal with walking in heels. The cobblestones aren't THAT terrible, but it's definitely worse than NY.

  3. Thanks Ev! I'm definitely bringing all my toiletries and such. I may sneak in a pair of comfy wedges too... ahhh, so hard to choose!