Tuesday, August 25, 2009

some fun facts and activities

1. Prague is 6 hours ahead of New York time, not bad!

2. There will be approx. 160 people in my program, which includes NYU and non-NYU students.

3. My orientation week (Aug. 31 to Sept. 6) is going to be awesome. I'm taking some intense Czech classes and a billion tours, starting with a "Jewish Prague" tour, which means visiting the famous Jewish Cemetery:

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4. Then there's Old Town Square...

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5. The Prague Castle...

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6. And a Kafka tour, which I hope is not as depressing as The Metamorphosis. This is where he lived from 1916 to 1917:

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7. Boat cruising down the Vltava River:

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And then, for a special evening event, I get to choose one of the following:

MONDAY: Cirque Trottola, Letni Letna
WEDNESDAY: Rusalka, National Theatre OR Jazz Concert, Jazz Dock
THURSDAY: Ice-hockey match, Tesla Arena
FRIDAY : Carmen, National Theatre OR Turandot, State Opera OR La Putyka, La Fabrika
SATURDAY: Czech Philharmonic, Rudolfinum

I'm thinking either the Cirque or Carmen at the Opera. What's your opinion? I love them all! This is going to be tough.


  1. I love that photo of the building by peter horstman. That colors are very fall. Hope you take like of shots like this!

  2. Don't go to the State Opera; the national theater is much better.

    Although I would recommend the ice hockey match

  3. Check out the venue (how big, where you're going to sit, language of the opera). Went to see Carmen in France in this huge ampitheater. Was "fun" in that it's cool to experience. But when you're in the back, can barely see the singers and can't understand a word, it's kind of hard to really enjoy. I personally would ice hockey too. Just cuz those are so baller. Physical contact. Probably hot euros cheering on. Whooo!!!