Friday, September 11, 2009

Nightlife Do's and Don'ts

The past week, I've been hitting up some of the popular clubs in Prague with my friends. I don't do this often in the States, because there's always some slick chump trying to grind up on me from behind, and that gets old fast. But I do love to dance, and the clubs here surprisingly don't disappoint. Before you attempt though, a few guidelines for my ladies:
  • DO watch where you step. Some idiots slosh beer and even smash their glasses on the ground.
  • Your guy friends will leave you in search of their own pleasures, so DO stick with at least one other girlfriend. If either one of you happens to have a dance partner, well, I'm sure he'll think two is better than one.
  • DON'T dance with a guy who has an entourage. They'll inevitably want to join, and you'll find yourself in an awkward testosterone sandwich. Not fun.
  • DON'T talk to guys who say "You're so beautiful" in broken English. You are so not the first and only. And he's a sleazeball, no excuses.
  • If a girlfriend tries to leave with a creepy stranger, take her aside and DO ask her firmly, "Are you sure about this? Like, really, really sure?" Raise your eyebrows and gesture wildly for effect.
  • And DON'T leave anyone behind. Friends before silly drunken hookups.
  • But DO have fun! Dance!

Also, if you're planning on visiting Prague, here are some places NYU kids frequent:
  • Karlovy (famous 5-story club next to the Charles Bridge)
  • Chapeau Rouge (a crowd favorite, though very seedy)
  • Mecca
  • Roxy Club
  • Radoste
  • Lucerna
  • Nebe
  • M1 (tiny place though)
  • Beer Factory (in St. Wenceslas Square)
  • Cross Club


  1. Hey Helen! Saw this on facebook, hope you're having fun in Prague! It's been ages since I've seen you, glad to see you're doing well. I have on more point to add to your list.

    If you do happen upon a guy (sleazy or otherwise) who shows interest, DO at least get a drink out of him. I know how expensive drinks can sometimes be at clubs. And besides, what's cleavage for?

  2. Haha, you are so right! Although you have to watch out for the ones who think they deserve something afterwards.

  3. Haha awesome advice...and the guys here too smash their glasses and spill their beer all the time! Happened 3 times from what I saw last night...crazy people.

  4. Great advise. Oh and always have a designated walker.

    - mishy from her iPod