Sunday, September 13, 2009

I got robbed!

I feel like a complete idiot for getting pick pocketed in only one stop on the metro. Some of these pick pockets have the sneakiest tactics! I was stuck between two very smelly, fat men who kept bumping into me, eventually forcing my bag to slide down my arm, farther from my body. (NEVER a smart move!) Literally in less than 2 minutes, the second I get off the metro, I see that my bag is half open and my wallet is missing! Probably the quickest pick pocket experience ever. I am so lame.

Moral of the story: Don't be such a woman. If the smelly fat man leaning on your arm is cutting off circulation, force him off and move elsewhere. Don't be so polite, because he is not-so-politely stealing your cash and credit cards! :(


  1. Oh man, that is honestly insane. What jerks they were! Ugh, glad you're okay though. At least now you know what it's like and it won't happen again :)

    Love you, feel better!!!

  2. DUDE, THAT SUCKS......I really hate people on the metro, even the non-criminal ones, because they're always shoving you every which way except the way that you need to go.

    But seriously, if I was in Prague right now, I'd totally go hunt down that smelly fat asswipe who robbed you and kick him in the balls.

  3. Aw that sucks! That's a much more competent pickpocket than the one who stole my tissues on the metro

  4. Eek...never trust fat smelly men.

  5. OH MAN! I can't believe that those assholes! On the bright side, they're fat and smelly and have no future other than pick pocketing whereas you have the rest of prague in front of you.

    Hope you're having the time of your life!